Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel is a type of travel that provides a luxurious experience. Whether it’s a luxury hotel, cruise line, tour group or lodge, the best in the business have exceptional service, staff who understand your preferences and treat you like family, quality food and drink options, great locations and sourcing that’s sustainable.

Europeans are the biggest consumers of Luxury Travel globally. They spend more on travel to relax their minds and restore their mental health after a hectic day at work or in their normal lives.

They also want to take their vacations to enjoy and explore the culture and traditions of the places they visit. They value cultural heritage, performance arts and storytelling in these destinations.

Increasingly, travellers prefer to connect with new people, cultures and ideas in their destination of choice. This has led to an emphasis on luxury experiences, and we’re seeing a rise in adventure companies such as Virgin Galactic, White Desert and Echo who offer exclusive access to Antarctica.

Safety is a major concern for luxury travelers and they expect the best from their travel providers. Temperature checks, enhanced room cleaning between guests and social distancing in restaurants and communal areas are important safety measures that must be implemented by luxury travel operators.

Content in the form of marketing materials and web content is a key element to attracting today’s busy travelers. In addition, stand-alone luxury content offerings that provide easy access to curated experiences are popular.

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