Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel is a category that encompasses high-end travellers who have the means and resources to indulge in luxurious trips and vacations. They have a unique interest in the history, culture and traditions of their destinations and enjoy engaging with these in their own way.

Reasons for Luxury Travel

Luxury travelers travel the world looking for experiences that will bring them joy and satisfaction at a moment in time. They may want to admire the works of art at the Louvre or they might be looking for a magical, remote beach. They all have their own reasons for travelling and it is up to you to deliver the experience that meets their expectations.

Personalisation – A Key Driver of Luxury Travel

Luxury travellers are looking for a travel experience that is personalised to their individual needs and tastes. They appreciate originality and exclusivity – they want to feel that their experience is ‘made for them’.

The Global Market for Luxury Travel is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% over the next five years. It is expected to be a highly lucrative market for travel operators and will be supported by the rise in disposable income.

Social Media – A Driving Force of Luxury Travel

The use of social media has a significant impact on the selection of vacation destination and cruise line/lodging brand used by luxury travelers. More than other travelers, luxury travelers said they selected a vacation destination based partially or primarily on social media (60 and 77 percent, respectively). They also selected a hotel brand, cruise line, or airline based on social media (76 percent). This makes it imperative for travel advisors to be active on social platforms themselves as a way of connecting with their clients.

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