One can barely hold a conversation about Southeast Asia without someone mentioning Bali. This alluring island beckons woo-woo wellness practitioners, design buffs, carousing Gen Zers and surfers alike. Its siren song also attracts spiritual pilgrims, yogis and celebrities.

Being near the equator, Bali remains warm and tropical year round. However, its position on The Ring of Fire — which includes 75% of the world’s active volcanoes — means earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are common.

The capital, Denpasar, is a busy, vibrant hub of art and culture. Here, the streets are lined with traditional temples and palaces, but you can also find modern malls, bars and restaurants. You’ll want to spend the most time here exploring its streets, taking in its enchanting architecture and learning about its rich history.

Bali’s interior mountains are dominated by three peaks, including Mount Agung, which is currently erupting. The mountain ranges offer challenging hikes with stunning views, and the area’s fertile volcanic soils support its robust agricultural sector.

A variety of transportation options are available in Bali. Taxis and mopeds are the most popular. However, renting a private driver can be cheaper and more convenient. Be aware that traffic in Bali can be heavy and road conditions are often poor. If a journey is listed as 15 minutes on Google maps, expect it to take twice or even three times that long in reality! Grab is an app used to order taxis in Bali and can be a great way to save money.

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