Anguilla is one of the Caribbean’s most popular vacation destinations, attracting travelers from around the world who seek pristine beaches and the peace and quiet to kick back and relax. This British overseas territory is home to a laidback lifestyle and a rich history, which makes for a fascinating and unique experience.

The island’s enchanting beaches have earned it a prestigious reputation, as do the locals’ friendly hospitality. Serenity seekers and romantic couples flock to the island to soak up the dazzling sun, stretch out on silky white-sand beaches, play Robinson Crusoe on its offshore cays, and snorkel or dive at its fish-filled reefs and wrecks.

There’s a wide variety of cuisine to choose from on Anguilla, with many of the islands’ restaurants serving dishes from around the world as well as traditional island fare. The most popular dishes on the island include:

Seafood, such as lobster and Anguiillian crayfish, is an important part of the local cuisine. Red snapper is a common local fish found in many places, and you can also find jackfish and hind, barracuda, tuna, and lionfish on some menus.

Another staple of Anguilla’s cuisine is callaloo, a green leafy soup that is commonly served in the Caribbean. This dish is prepared with okra and pumpkin chunks and can be served with pork or crab meat, making it a healthy meal that’s a great source of iron.

Some other favorite dishes on the island include:

Salt fish, shredded and tossed with finely chopped onions, sweet peppers and some oil is a local breakfast favourite; spiny lobster bisque is a dish served only on special occasions and Johnny cakes are like little rolls stuffed with something similar to bread.

The cuisine in Anguilla is varied and eclectic, incorporating elements of West African, Mexican and Italian cuisine. You’ll find that most hotels and resorts have an excellent dining room, but you can also enjoy a delicious meal at the many beach bars throughout the island.

Restaurants are typically open from lunch through dinner, with some offering both meals and snacks. The food is often served family style and is a perfect choice for families and groups of friends.

You’ll find that most hotels and resorts offer a wide range of activities, allowing you to take full advantage of the beautiful surroundings while staying active and engaged. You can try yoga classes on the beach, get a massage or spa treatment at a resort, visit art galleries, or take a day trip to St. Martin, which is just a 20-minute ferry ride away from Anguilla.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Anguilla is known for its stunning coastline and unspoiled natural beauty. It is home to a variety of wildlife, including land reptiles, sea turtles, and lobsters.

The island’s economy is largely based on tourism, although it does have some small agriculture. It is a touristic hub and has become an important financial centre in the Caribbean, with many of its banks operating as offshore financial institutions.

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