Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a Travel Agent near me can make your trip easier. They can also save you money on flights, hotels and excursions.

Expertise on destination locations: They will have a thorough understanding of the best places to stay, eat and visit in your chosen city. They may even be able to suggest some alternatives that are less expensive but offer the same attractions.

Travel deals: Some agents use supplier relationships to negotiate discounts that they then pass on to their clients. These savings can be significant.

Credentials and accreditation: Some agencies are accredited by the ASTA or IATA. These organizations guarantee that their agents operate under an ethics code and will communicate with you about any changes in your itinerary.

Insurance: Some travel agents have their own insurance policies that they can offer you as a client. They can offer a range of options to protect your vacation investment, including insurance against emergencies abroad, lost and delayed luggage and medical expenses.

Group travel: Many travel agencies have specialized in handling groups of all sizes. They can plan itineraries for large groups that include hotel rooms, transportation and activities for everyone.

Local knowledge: Having a local planner can be a big help, especially when planning trips to cities like New York, which is so popular with tourists. They know the best spots to eat, shop and take in the sights and can design an itinerary that is flexible enough to accommodate any unexpected circumstances.

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