Getting help from a Travel Agent near me

With the internet making it easy to book trips yourself, travel agents might seem unnecessary. But good agents can add value by saving you time and money, reducing stress, and helping you with the details that might not cross your mind. They can also make you feel confident that your trip plans are in good hands.

A travel agent can save you the hassle of researching and booking your own flights, hotels, car rental, and cruises — especially when planning complex itineraries or those that require special accommodations or airfares. They can also access a variety of discounts that may not be available online and can often handle the detailed expense report paperwork for business travelers.

Most travel agents work under a host agency that handles commissions and other logistics. They earn the bulk of their income from hotel bookings, but also receive fees for arranging other parts of your trip. Some travel agents charge hourly, while others offer a daily planning fee (e.g., $150 per day of trip).

When choosing a travel agent, find out how they get paid and what their specialties are. Ask about their in-destination network, too. A good agent will have trusted contacts to call on if something goes wrong during your trip. Also, check out their website to see if they list the names and photos of their team. This is a sign that they prioritize relationships with their clients.

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