Bali is an incredible island, offering a diverse range of experiences and attractions for every traveler. Its natural wonders include looming volcanoes, lush terraced rice fields and pristine beaches.

In addition to its stunning natural beauty, Bali is also home to a vibrant culture. Its Hindu roots are apparent in the intricately carved temples and shrines that dot the landscape, as well as the traditional dress and ceremonies observed by its people.

For the adventurous, Bali offers a wide range of outdoor activities from hiking to surfing and white water rafting. Thrill seekers can take part in more extreme activities such as scuba diving or cliff jumping, while others may want to take in the sights from a helicopter flight.

Food is an important part of any trip and Balinese cuisine is one of the most delicious in Indonesia! The food is often influenced by Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern cooking and has been enriched with indigenous recipes over thousands of years.

Among the many dishes to try is Nasi Goreng which is fragrant rice served with chicken, prawns and vegetables. You can get this dish for under $2 in a warung (small family-owned restaurant) or at a local food market and you can choose from an array of toppings such as fried tempe, shredded omelet or a fried egg!

Another local favorite is Sate which is minced meat seasoned with a bumbu that varies from region to region. It’s then shaped around a bamboo skewer and quickly grilled over hot coals or an open fire.

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