Anguilla is a laid-back island paradise with a friendly atmosphere so welcoming that you’ll never want to leave. A British overseas territory, Anguilla is home to white sand beaches, lush vegetation and a fascinating history. Discover secluded coves, prehistoric petroglyphs and head underground at Big Spring Cave.

Anguillian culture is rooted in a complex history that revolves around early Amerindian settlements, European colonisation and African slaves imported to work on plantations. These events are still woven into the fabric of Anguilian life and celebrated with gusto.

Among the first settlers to Anguilla were the Arawak people, who migrated here from South America as far back as 3,500 years ago. Their deep beliefs centred on the sun, moon and two sacred caverns where they believed mankind originated from. These relics are a must see for visitors interested in their history.

Another important aspect of Anguillian culture is the importance of the sea, and its connection to the land. Anguilla’s rich marine heritage is reflected in the island’s cuisine, which features seafood stews, casseroles and bisques. Prawns, lobster and mahi-mahi are common ingredients, along with steamed clams, salt cod, octopus and grouper.

The island’s cuisine is influenced by its British and African roots, but it also includes Caribbean influences, such as West Indian and creole traditions. A wide variety of fusion and contemporary dishes are also popular on Anguilla.

Food and drink are a major part of Anguillan culture, with many locals cooking up traditional dishes using fresh, locally-sourced produce. Restaurants in Anguilla serve everything from simple dishes to upscale gourmet meals.

Some of the best restaurants on Anguilla are located right on the beach, with a casual ambiance and a relaxed atmosphere that feels like a tropical oasis. We especially love Ember, a new addition to the Anguillan dining scene in 2018. This family-friendly spot serves fresh seafood and salads with a twist on a Mediterranean menu.

What’s a typical day in Anguilla look like?

Anguilla is a small country with an area of 91 sq km. It is situated in the Caribbean, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of Puerto Rico.

The climate in Anguilla is tropical, moderated by northeast trade winds. The average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius during the day and 15 degrees at night.

Most Anguillians are Protestant, with the main religious groups including the Methodists, the Roman Catholics and the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The population is also largely descended from African slaves brought over to work on plantations.

The language spoken in Anguilla is English, which is a variant of the British-influenced standard variety. There are several other languages spoken on the island, including varieties of Spanish and Chinese. Most of Anguilla’s people also speak their own dialect, called “Anguillian”, which has roots in early varieties of English and West African languages.

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