Luxury Travel

For many, the word “luxury” conjures images of a private jet, lavish hotels and exotic locales. For a growing number of travelers, however, luxury travel can also mean an opportunity to learn and experience the traditions and cultures of the places they visit.

Whether a person considers themselves a luxury traveler or not, it is important to understand what makes something stand out as a true luxury experience. This is especially true as the global luxury travel market continues to evolve and grow, catering to a new generation of sophisticated travelers who are demanding greater authenticity and value in their travel experiences.

Professional polls and studies consistently reveal that today’s affluent luxury traveler is seeking deeper and more authentic connections to the places they visit. They want their travel experiences to leave an impact on who they are as people, and they seek unique and personalized service that is both tailored and co-created with the destinations and travel suppliers they visit.

The best luxury experiences, stays and itineraries are seamless in their design and provide a logical flow. They offer a level of comfort that is beyond the ordinary, and they are designed to cater to each individual’s varied interests.

Affluent and luxury travellers have always valued quality food, drinks and hospitality. In the past, this often meant expensive, but well-deserved splurges. The trend now is to support locally sourced and sustainable products and services. These companies demonstrate a commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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