Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel

What qualifies as luxury travel can vary widely, from one person to the next. What constitutes “the best” cruise line, hotel, lodge or destination can be completely personal to each traveler. What makes a hotel, airline or tour company the best in their minds can include everything from exceptional service and staff that come to know and treat them like family to unique experiences with locals or access to special sites and events they’ve always wanted to see.

In a time of global anxiety and uncertainty, luxury travelers have been reprioritizing their trips. They’ve shifted away from tangible, luxury amenities such as high thread-count sheets and unlimited Champagne and toward regenerative options that support environmental restoration, wellness incorporated into itineraries, and more remote, exotic destinations.

While some may be jaded by the ever-present travel influencers jetsetting around to share their experience, luxury travelers remain a loyal segment of the market. Many of these discerning consumers continue their infinite search for the perfect, idealized version of themselves they’ve created in their mind and desire the ability to express their identity through products and experiences that offer a sense of self-fulfillment.

For some, this can mean a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience like the kind you’d find at a secret cave or a private dinner on the banks of a river. For others, it can be a trip dedicated to a specific cultural event or new museum exhibit. Still others seek unique opportunities to learn something new or advance their personal development.

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