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Providing VIP Amenities at Check In- Corporate Travel

A savvy meeting and corporate planner at WGY Travel and sharp hotel staff can provide a meeting’s Very Important People with executive-level attention. The real challenge, however, is figuring out what those VIPs actually want and providing it before they ask. And to do that, planners agree, they need to keep in contact with their VIPs by phone or email throughout the meetings.

VIP Packages & Upgrades

Hotels offer several VIP packages that can simplify the booking process and create an exclusive atmosphere for your guests. Some of these include a free night, a room upgrade, complimentary breakfast or other amenities.

These packages can also be customized to your clients’ preferences. For example, you can give an upgrade to a suite with a view of the beach, or you could provide a room with a Jacuzzi and a balcony.

Welcome Amenities

At check in, make sure your guest’s room is clean and ready for him or her. This includes sweeping the room and arranging a welcome amenity that they’ll appreciate, suggests Elizabeth Zielinski, CMP, principal of Meeting Horizons in Fairfax, Va.

For example, the Ritz-Carlton in New York has a “VIP kit” with everything from booze to coffee for the hotel’s top executives, says Michelle Caporicci. Or, for a client with a big appetite, leave behind cookies and milk or a carved chocolate car (like the ones you see at Disney World).

Jet Lag Recovery kits

Many hotels offer special kit that help people recover from jet lag. These contain vitamins, moisturizers and facial mist to get the VIP back on track fast.

A good travel agent will know if a hotel offers such kits, and she’ll be able to order them on your behalf. Or, you can buy them at your local drugstore and have them delivered to your hotel before your guests arrive.

Airport Pick-Ups and Transportation

When you’re picking up a VIP at the airport, you need to be extra pampered and white-gloved. Using the hotel’s own cars is an obvious choice, but you should also consider private jet service, according to North Hampton, N.H.-based Private Jet Services Group, a company that provides private jet services and aircraft rentals for VIPs and high-powered travelers.

You should also tell the chauffeur to let your VIP off the tarmac and go straight to their room. It’s a little snazzier than using a shuttle, but it will save your client a lot of time and stress.

Use a slick sign when you greet your VIP at the door, and don’t forget to triple-check the spelling of his or her name on all materials. It’s especially important at airports, where a mistake on a name tag can set off a panicked flight.

Ensure that your staff understands the importance of giving your VIPs personal, one-on-one service, and that they have your complete attention on their needs. They’ll be happier, and you’ll have fewer headaches later on.

Figure out your VIPs’ likes, dislikes and habits. For instance, some will prefer to dine in a certain restaurant or at a specific table, and you’ll need to communicate that to the chef or waitstaff before the meal is served.

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