A “vacation consigliere” who goes the extra mile is just one benefit of using the new WGY vacation planner feature. Whether corporate or leisure travel plans, a travel advisor has agreements with luxury properties all over the globe, airlines, car services and more.

Michael Zuchelli doesn’t know where he’s traveling in 2023, but he knows how he’ll get there: with the help of a WGY travel advisor using the new “vacation planner” feature.

A travel professional gives him “peace of mind” in an increasingly unpredictable world, says Zuchelli, a CEO from New York City and long time client of WGY. When he works with an advisor, he says, “I know they’ll maximize my hard-earned leisure travel and even negotiate my business room blocks for my company.”

The new WGY Vacation Planner allows someone to enter all of their preferences and receive a real-time white glove travel advisor with 24/7 service to curate the perfect getaway.

“If you value your own time, then there is no logistical reason why you wouldn’t have an expert travel advisor plan your holiday,” says Vivian Chambers, Owner of The Muse Collection. “They can guide you in making the perfect decision for your travel needs.”

“Travel continues to be challenging with a multitude of flight cancellations and delays never mind the new COVID restrictions. Why not have an expert navigate these challenges on your behalf,” explains Chambers. “Tackling last-minute trip changes, working with travel insurance companies, and handling traveler anxiety about upcoming trips in the age of COVID has been a major part of the job for the last few years,” added Justin Keeperman, co-founder of WGY in Miami. “And with that experience comes a lot of new knowledge that I think is making the industry better as a whole,” added Chambers.

“The vacation planner is not just a generic documents listing typical tourist attractions, but rather, they take into account the interests and goals of each client and generate a highly personalized and curated itinerary,” said Keeperman.


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