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A global recovery is fueling a luxury boom, according to travel agency Trafalgar. A pile-up of household savings triggered by stay-at-home restrictions is likely one driver, while modern consumers are also expressing a desire for boutique experiences that are authentic and shareable on social media.

Ideas about what constitutes luxury have changed rapidly, shifting from tangible items like designer handbags and watches to more experiential offerings. Food, for example, has become a leading signifier of a luxury experience. Consumers seek out unique dining options such as a private dinner in an ice cave or an intimate table at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Beyond food, luxury travelers are seeking ways to deepen their understanding and appreciation of a destination’s culture. They may book a cooking class with a local chef or reserve exclusive behind-the-scenes access to a cultural landmark or event.

In addition, many luxury travelers want to support and interact with their local communities. Whether it’s planting trees at a rainforest sanctuary or volunteering to paint murals in a public school, these experiences allow them to be active participants in their destinations.

Travel agents understand how to match each client with the right once-in-a-lifetime experience. They take the time to get to know their clients and match them with an itinerary that reflects how they define luxury. Then, they seamlessly coordinate every detail of the trip. Think of it as the same way you hire an expert to prepare your taxes, manage your retirement portfolio or renovate your home.

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