Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel is an industry that focuses on delivering the best in personalized service, exceptional experiences and cuisine. It’s the ideal way to unwind and relax while also getting to know a destination in depth.

Consumers have changed their definition of luxury.  Now, this is reflected in the experiences they seek and the destinations they visit. A growing generation of digital-first Millennials and Generation X, as well as a rapidly emerging middle class in China. SO, they are changing the landscape of luxury travel.

New travelers define their travel experience less by thread count and more by access to authentic places. Moreover, their products and performances that represent the culture and traditions of their destination. This shift is a result of the mental shift from vacation to exploration. Furthermore, discerning travelers see travel not as a break from routine but as a chance to challenge and surprise themselves.

Content – The ‘C’ of Luxury Travel

Marketing materials, web content and real-time event or travel programming is the key to keeping up with the demands of today’s luxury travelers. Content helps travelers connect to the brand before, during and after their stay. This can be done in a variety of ways, from email marketing and social media to live-streamed events.

Community – The ‘C’ of Luxury Travel

Luxury travelers want to interact with other guests and feel part of the local community. The hotel can allow guests to opt in to non-site activities, such as nightly happy hours and tours coordinated by the hotel

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