Often, the best luxury travel experiences are those that are unique and personalized. That is why it is important to have a great relationship with your travel advisor and to be open to new ideas that may not be on your original bucket list. Taking advantage of off-season rates and booking early is also a way to maximize your travel budget and experience.

For many luxury travelers, a true sense of luxury is the feeling that they are being pampered while traveling. This is a feeling that can come from a variety of things, including the food, hotel and transportation. For some, it is the ability to disconnect from their daily routine and just enjoy themselves. For others, it is about being treated like royalty while on vacation.

Today’s luxury traveler is no longer limited to celebrities, tycoons and heirs to multimillion-dollar dog food empires. The luxury market is expanding into a more accessible and affordable segment of the market that is being driven by a younger generation with a desire to see the world and for whom authenticity, shareability and purpose are defining aspects of their lives.

This is the reason why the design of a luxury travel experience, whether a tour itinerary or a hotel stay, is so important. It is no longer about Gilt finishes or white gloves, but about genuine and authentic connection points. In fact, a recent article in Travel + Leisure notes that the most luxurious airline seats are no longer about opulent details like mohair seat lining and bronze-like leopard sculptures—they’re about giving the traveler a chance to connect with their destination, culture and history.

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