The island’s siren song enchants woo-woo wellness practitioners and design buffs, as well as stoked surfers and spiritual pilgrims. It’s also popular with remote working digital nomads. All those forces combine to create an energy that’s nearly impossible to resist, whether you’re looking to relax and recharge or to explore its otherworldly natural landscapes.

Bali’s white sand beaches are dazzling, but its rugged cliffs, coves and coral gardens are equally breathtaking. The island’s less-traveled eastern and northern regions offer calm, serene seascapes, along with pristine nature reserves teeming with marine biodiversity.

Inland, Bali’s towering volcanoes and pristine jungles make for an exotic retreat. But you’ll also find lush, refined resorts and villas, often at prices that are a fraction of what you’d pay for similar luxury accommodations elsewhere.

Known as the “Island of the Gods”, Bali is home to Hinduism, and its residents are especially religious, with a focus on honoring the gods. You’ll see small, colorful palm leaf baskets called Canang Sari scattered all over the streets, each filled with offerings like flowers and nuts. It’s a beautiful, simple way to show gratitude and respect to the universe. This island of paradise is also famous for its spas and healing traditions. Many visitors report leaving Bali feeling far better (and more tan) than when they arrived. It’s no wonder that the world has fallen in love with Bali. So, plan your next trip to this tropical getaway and experience the magic for yourself!

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