Bali is a magical island that has something for everyone. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches in world-class surf spots, snorkeling to see marine biodiversity or trek through pristine jungles and volcanoes. There are also a variety of temples to visit and many other cultural activities that can leave you feeling enriched.

Getting around is easy in Bali as all the main areas are connected by roads and most accommodations offer airport transfers. Online ride apps like GOJEK and Grab are available in most places but some sites such as temples or certain beaches do not allow them so it’s best to book a private transfer before you arrive. You can also rent a motorbike but you’ll need to be an experienced driver and it’s important to wear a helmet.

The most popular activity is beach hopping as there are plenty of stunning beaches and some of them even have world-class surfing. Kuta, Seminyak and Jimbaran are popular destinations but you can find hidden gems in other areas too.

Another highlight of Bali is the vibrant culture which is a mix of Hindu and Buddhist influences. This is reflected in the art, architecture, theatre performances, festivals and much more that you can enjoy here. The most iconic temple is Uluwatu but there are many more to visit and some are awe-inspiring in their architecture. The food is delicious as well, try the famous sate kebab (grilled meat skewers served with peanut sauce) and the traditional curry dish called Soto Ayam (shredded chicken soup). You can’t leave Bali without trying the avocado juice either!

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