A well-planned vacation is the key to re-energize and refresh. But planning for a trip, especially when you work in a team, can be a headache. With ClickUp’s Vacation Planner, you and your team can have peace of mind knowing that all your PTO requests are taken care of and that all the details are managed before you hit the beach.

A vacation planner is a virtual travel agent who develops and designs itineraries for individual clients. Depending on the job description, this may include selecting flight, accommodation, and transport options. They may also be responsible for advising clients on travel safety and immunizations.

Work from home vacation planners often have the freedom to plan trips in a variety of destinations, and they can earn commission on each booking. They may be employed by a specific tour operator or cruise line, or they might be self-employed. Some are commissioned to create itineraries for specific destinations while others specialize in a specific type of travel, such as adventure or cultural.

Vacation planners who work from home may also perform virtual travel agent and sales duties. Depending on their employer, these professionals may be expected to sell packages or offer discounts. In addition, they are sometimes responsible for ensuring that the itinerary is within budget and meeting customer requirements.

There are some disadvantages to working as a vacation planner from home, including the lack of social interaction with coworkers and a decrease in productivity. However, there are many benefits as well, such as increased flexibility and the opportunity to be a work-life balance advocate. Additionally, remote vacation planners can save on travel expenses and avoid costly delays or cancellations due to weather or road conditions.

It’s not uncommon for employees to hesitate to ask for time off. But with digitalisation and a vacation planner tool, it’s easier than ever for teams to plan ahead and make sure that everyone has the opportunity to take a break. This not only helps them stay productive, but it also promotes a culture of trust and transparency in the workplace.

Managing vacation time off efficiently is essential to any company that values its employees’ health and wellbeing. It’s important to set expectations around vacation policies early on in the hiring process, and encourage employees to be open and honest about their holiday plans.

Using a vacation planner template and a smart calendar, it’s easy to track all pending leave requests for your entire team. By providing managers with a clear view of upcoming vacation dates, overlapping public holidays, and employee holiday history, it’s possible to grant or decline leave requests in a timely manner. With the right software in place, it’s also possible to streamline and automate the vacation request approval process, reducing administrative bottlenecks and eliminating the need for paper files. This helps to improve operational efficiency and boosts your organisation’s green credentials.

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