When you think of Luxury Travel, your mind may immediately wander to luxurious hotels and yachts, 5-star restaurants, exclusive destinations, and lavish lifestyles. But for most luxury travellers, a true definition of the term is less about money than it is about personalization and authentic experiences.

This is a booming market for travel providers. According to market research, the world’s high net worth travelers are expected to spend an estimated US$1.2 trillion by 2030, resulting in the industry generating a global revenue of more than $2.5 trillion.

To be deemed ‘best’, a cruise company, tour group operator, lodge, resort or airline must be able to deliver on its promise of superior service and offer valued memories that are worth repeating. In order to do this, the best operators have a clear understanding of what defines true luxury and how they can translate this into an experience for their guests. They provide a 24-carat version of whatever their customers value, whether it is exceptional staff who come to understand and treat them like family, quality food and drink sourced sustainably, or stunning locations that are both magical and highly Instagrammable.

The definition of luxury is also changing in light of the pandemic, with some people seeking to be fully present at their destinations and not just ticking off a list of countries or experiences. As a result, bespoke activities that give travellers a deeper connection with a place are in demand. This can be anything from learning to blend your own wine in Argentina to a guided walking safari with an expert naturalist in Botswana.

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