Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel is a category of travel that includes any vacation experience that provides a high degree of comfort or convenience. Generally, it involves staying at hotels, resorts or private homes with 5-star service and amenities. However, it can also include activities such as hiking, sailing, spa treatments or cultural tours. Luxury travelers seek enrichment, which could be from appreciating a masterpiece artwork at the Louvre or from feeling like they are the first person to set foot on a remote beach.

Authenticity and a sense of adventure are key for today’s luxury travellers. They want to know that the trip they’re booking is true and representative of the area they’re visiting. In addition, sustainable travel is increasingly a priority for many luxury travelers, with a strong interest in reducing overtourism. This may mean looking for uncrowded alternatives close to popular destinations, such as Ischia instead of Capri or Montenegro rather than Croatia.

Despite the current sluggish economy, luxury travel continues to thrive, and this is mostly due to the fact that consumers have become more willing to spend money on experiences rather than stuff. This has resulted in a new definition of what makes a trip luxurious, which has less to do with the physical comforts offered by five-star hotels and more to do with meaningful and memorable activities that are crafted into a trip itinerary. This means that high-end hotels should focus less on providing the latest technology and more on offering a range of activities to suit all types of luxury travellers.

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