Luxury Travel is everything that is exclusive and special. This includes all the perks that are associated with 5-star hotels, hospitality and a rich local experience. For some, it might mean a luxurious beach vacation with Pina Coladas in hand or it could be visiting a rare wild animal habitat. Whatever it is, it’s a trip that they want to be memorable and special for them and their loved ones.

It is important for luxury travelers to be able to connect with nature and have an authentic travel experience. They want to be able to visit remote destinations and are looking for custom tours and experiences that will allow them to explore the environment and culture in an upmarket way. They are also looking for sustainability initiatives and want to support the local community.

Despite these changes, many luxury travel advisors are continuing to sell and book trips for their clients. However, the success of a luxury trip depends on two things; an in-depth understanding of the client and the expertise to make their dream itinerary come true.

The modern ‘gold standard’ for luxury travel has evolved beyond gilt finishes and white gloves. It now encompasses the entire journey, from the initial arousal through to the post-trip satisfaction. This is reflected in the growing popularity of trains, cruises and yachts that offer the ultimate in comfort and exclusivity. Luxury travelers are also seeking to create community through real-time events and travel content.

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