About Luxury Travel

For many, luxury has evolved beyond tangible items like high thread count sheets and unlimited Champagne. Affluent travelers want more meaningful experiences, authenticity, and wellness incorporated into their itineraries. They also seek to advance their personal identities through a variety of unique, experiential journeys.

This reprioritization of the affluent market has been accelerated by the ongoing pandemic, resulting in heightened interest in destinations deemed “Instagram-worthy.” For example, travelers may wish to visit far-flung locales in order to see rare wild animals. Or, they may choose a hotel in the heart of an historic city that provides access to exclusive tours and tastings.

With more people planning to travel, the luxury industry has responded nimbly. Airlines have upgraded their premium economy, business and first class offerings; hotels have increased their suite options and added private pools; and cruise lines are introducing new itineraries.

In the coming year, it is important to keep in mind that while different classes of travelers will define luxury differently, they will all still be seeking the same things: enjoyment and satisfaction. Whether they are admiring the masterpiece artworks at the Louvre, or enjoying the serenity of a remote beach, a luxury trip is an escape from everyday life where they can indulge in their own special desires and feel like royalty. That is, at the end of the day, what true luxury travel is all about. And that’s why the savvy travel advisor is a key partner in creating a personalized luxury experience.

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