Vacation Planner

The Vacation Planner is the perfect tool to help you organize your travel plans. It includes an itinerary template, travel checklists, packing lists and more. It also includes fun travel games, geography and history challenges for kids and budgeting activities to help you save money on your vacation. Grab it now!

A Vacation Planner is an individual who helps clients with their travel itineraries. They make hotel reservations, bookings for tours, transportation and other travel arrangements on behalf of their clients. They may work for an agency or operate independently. They often specialize in a particular travel area, such as cruises or luxury trips. They often serve as a consultant to their clients, offering concierge level service and expertise in the area of their specialty.

Vacations are important to employees’ overall wellbeing and can be an effective motivating factor for productivity. Many organisations have implemented flexible leave policies to allow workers to take time off when it suits them. This allows them to stay focused at work and provides a better work-life balance for their staff.

However, in order to ensure your employees are not overburdened with work during peak holiday seasons, you must be able to track vacation requests and see when employees are planning to take off. This allows you to anticipate and plan for operational bottlenecks or a lack of employee availability. In addition, the use of a vacation planner software helps you to manage vacation leave more effectively by enabling you to see upcoming leave schedules and view an employee’s request history.

Some people like to save up all their vacation days at the end of the year. While this is a personal choice, it can be challenging for managers to keep everyone happy during busy times and deliver on their service promise. A vacation planner can help to alleviate these challenges by allowing you to stagger vacation days so that one employee begins their holidays at the beginning of the week and is available on the preceding workdays, while another starts their vacation midweek and is around when the previous team member returns from their trip.

Some of our most popular Vacation Planner products include our Disney Specialist programs. These include the Authorized Disney Vacation Planner (ADVP) and the College of Disney Knowledge. Both programs provide extensive training on the Disneyland Resort, Disney World and other Disney Destinations which gives our Agents the expert knowledge needed to create magical travel experiences for our customers.

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