Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel is a term that denotes travel with a high level of comfort and quality. It includes everything from private experiences to pampered services. It can be anything from champagne at liftoff to a Michelin-starred restaurant. Whether you are planning a vacation with family or a romantic getaway, luxury is the way to go.

New Ideas for Luxury

Traditional ideas about luxury have changed rapidly from an emphasis on ‘things’ to ‘experiences’. This movement is a response to the growing demand for authenticity and a sense of place, according to Travel Agent’s sister publication Luxury Travel Advisor.

The shift towards authentic and personalised experiences is also affecting traditional luxury products, with hotels and travel companies having to adapt to this new customer.

Virtuoso’s Luxe Report identifies ‘crossing off bucket-list items’, ‘exploring new destinations’ and’seeking authentic experiences’ as three of the most common motivating factors for those booking holidays in 2019.

Millennials on the rise

Today’s generational consumers – millennials – are increasingly global-minded. They are looking for unique, bespoke and authentic experiences that reflect their identity and lifestyle.

They are also prepared to spend whatever it takes to experience something once-in-a-lifetime.

These travelers are more likely to travel in an exclusive cabin class and to stay in luxurious hotels that have a unique character.

When it comes to travel, there are many different levels of luxury, but if you can offer a truly exceptional guest experience, you’ll be able to attract clients of all walks of life. That’s why it is so important to keep up with trends and understand your target market before you sell a luxury trip.

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