Whether it’s a trip to an ancient temple or an evening at a world-class restaurant, Luxury Travel offers something for everyone. It’s also a great way to relax and recharge – a break from your day-to-day routine can make you perform better at work and home.

Luxury travellers are looking for a new level of experience. Tangible things like high thread count sheets and unlimited Champagne are becoming less important, while there is renewed interest in authentic experiences, wellness incorporated into itineraries and climate-conscious options.

The Baby Boomer sub-segment of the Luxury Travel market is expected to have the highest growth due to their flexible schedules which allows them to take longer vacations and explore new destinations. Moreover, the increasing disposable income of this group is also propelling the demand for luxury trips.

With the over-tourism crisis continuing to plague many popular destinations, travellers are turning to smaller, lesser known regions. These destinations can still offer the same or similar cultural landmarks as the more popular ones, but are often much less crowded. This is especially true for luxury trips that focus on responsible tourism. Some companies even provide a “Pack for a Purpose” option, allowing travellers to bring items that are then donated to local communities. Ultimately, sustainable luxury travel is a growing trend that will likely continue to gain traction for years to come.

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