Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel means different things to different people. For some it may mean flying in a private jet, while for others it could be about seeing rare wild animals in far-flung places or dining in the world’s most hard to book restaurants. What’s more, the definition of luxury is constantly changing as travellers demand new experiences and a higher level of personal service.

A new generation of affluent travelers is supplementing the growth of the Global Luxury Travel Market. These individuals are known as ‘aspiring luxury’ – young, aspirational people with significant disposable income and limited family responsibilities. These consumers are seeking novel travel experiences that will help them create a unique story about themselves.

For many luxury travel providers, this means staying ahead of the curve and creating experiences that will delight their guests. For example, hotels are now offering smart rooms with the ability to control lighting, heating and music via mobile apps. Moreover, a no fee cancellation policy is also high on the list of amenities that luxury travellers want from their hotel stay.

Another trend that is shaping the luxury travel industry is sustainability. High net worth travellers are increasingly concerned about how their money is spent, and they expect their travel experience to be environmentally conscious. This has seen a number of companies adopting sustainability initiatives, such as Hyatt’s World of Care and Small Luxury Hotels of the World’s Considerate Collection.

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