Bali enchants with dramatic dances, intricate temples and a lush landscape of rainforest, looming volcanoes and rice terraces. This Indonesian island attracts visitors looking for a little rest and relaxation as well as thrill seekers seeking out adventure on its famous surf beaches. Despite heavy doses of tourism development and upscale hotels, much of the island still retains the original magic discovered decades ago by a handful of travelers.

DAY ONE: Start in Ubud, the cultural hub of Bali. Spend the day exploring the city by foot, poking in and out of shops full of jewellery, silk scarves, carved statues and more. Alternatively, you could take in a local art gallery or museum.

Ubud is home to several secluded waterfalls that are perfect for swimming and enjoying the scenery. A popular choice is Sekumpul, Munduk or Kroya. They’re all jaw-droppingly beautiful and offer something different than what you’ll find at a beach or pool club.

As with most tropical islands, Bali is a humid place and there are two seasons: Dry Season and Rainy Season. However, Bali’s central mountains (volcanoes) have a climate that’s significantly cooler and more temperate than the coast.

The cost of travelling in Bali depends on where you’re staying, what activities you choose and how much time you have. Accommodation can range from budget backpackers to luxurious private villas and resorts, which can be found for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay in other parts of the world.

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