Travel Trends

The travel industry has always been a dynamic place, and as it evolves there are new trends to watch. Some of these trends are influenced by customer concerns and mores, while others have to do with the way people want to see and experience the world.

The latest travel trends are rooted in a growing concern for ethics and sustainability among today’s travellers. As a result, brands are beginning to respond to this growing demand by promoting sustainable options, such as eco-friendly hotels or electric vehicles on their websites.

A recent survey found that 37% of millennials are very or extremely concerned about the carbon footprint of their vacations, while Gen Zs are not far behind. This is the highest percentage of any generation, and indicates that there is a real need to help consumers make informed decisions when it comes to their vacations.

As a result, many travel providers are now making it easier for customers to book greener trips with easy-to-use tools and online booking options. This is an important trend for the tourism industry because it’s a great way to engage with consumers who are increasingly looking for ethical and responsible travel options.

Another trend that is gaining popularity is transformative travel, which is all about taking the time to experience a destination in an experiential way. Whether it’s volunteering at a local children’s hospital or traveling to a remote mountain top for a wellness retreat, these experiences aim to change travelers’ perspectives and leave them feeling more connected to the places they visit.

In addition to influencing how people see the world, these travel trends also impact the way they plan their trips and how they spend their time. This is especially true with the younger generations, who are more likely to be focused on experiences rather than just seeing a new destination.

Travelers are also becoming more interested in the food they eat and the kind of culinary experience they have while travelling, with more restaurants and hotels offering organic options. This is in part due to the increasing number of people with special diets, but it’s also a sign that travellers are now more interested in getting a true sense of local culture through its cuisine.

With our busy lives, many of us are finding ourselves in a rut and could use a vacation to unplug. This is a big reason why a number of travel companies are offering phone-free retreats or camping/glamping weekends.

These types of vacations have been growing in popularity, particularly among Gen Zs and Millennials, who are seeking to unplug and recharge from the demands of their everyday lives. It’s an ideal way to reconnect with loved ones and get back to your roots.

Other travel trends include set-jetting, which is the ability to visit a location featured in a television show or movie. Expedia predicts that this will continue to be a popular option in 2023, with destinations like Paris (“Emily in Paris”) and Sicily (“The White Lotus”) set to see increases in searches.

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