Travel Trends

Travel Trends

As the world begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, many travelers are re-discovering the joy of traveling. And with air travel slowly but surely returning, we are seeing an emerging set of tourism trends that are reshaping our industry.

One of the biggest trends that we are observing is the return of sustainable outdoor travel. This is driven by people’s desire to reconnect with nature and to experience new and exciting activities in their local environment. This includes mountain/rural escapes, waterfront getaways and other outdoor adventures. This type of travel is not only a great way to connect with nature but also has the potential to bring about positive social impact.

Another growing trend we are seeing is the desire for more personalized travel experiences. This can be seen through the popularity of vacation packages that offer unique excursions based on specific interests such as hiking, biking or kayaking. Additionally, we are seeing a rise in the demand for immersive cultural travel experiences that involve taking part in regional festivals and holidays. This could include wearing traditional Japanese clothes, sampling regional cuisine or playing games with the locals.

In addition, we are also seeing an increase in people wanting to take longer trips. This is driven by a combination of factors, including the return of international travel and increased work-from-home opportunities. This allows travelers to take longer breaks and explore more destinations within their own country.

The last trend we are seeing is the increasing popularity of culinary travel. This is being driven by a desire for more authentic and unique experiences such as stomping grapes in Italy, learning how to make teppanyaki or exploring the night markets in Singapore. This is a great way for travelers to discover more of the local culture in their chosen destination and create lifelong memories.

As we look ahead to 2024, we are noticing a number of additional trends that are reshaping the travel industry. Some of these are direct responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, while others are driven by more general changes in consumer behavior. For example, we are observing a growing demand for more experiential travel, with Hilton’s 2024 Travel Trends Report reporting that over half of consumers say they prioritize experiences over destinations when planning their holiday. They are also willing to spend more money on their trips in order to experience the local culture and avoid overcrowded tourist hotspots.

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