Travel Trends

There are many travel motivators that can drive a person to take an adventure, whether it’s to reenergize or find themselves and the meaning of life. These motivators can be influenced by numerous factors, such as work stress, health and well-being or the desire to make a difference in the world.

A growing number of people are looking to take an active role in their travels by using their holidays to give back. This can be done through volunteering, taking an apprenticeship course or even donating their time and money to a cause they care about.

As the global travel industry continues to grow, it will be important for brands to cater to these motivators. It’s crucial to create experiences that are relevant and engaging for travelers and to be aware of these trends in order to be able to attract the best customers.

Local Experiences

Tourism trends will be heavily influenced by travellers’ need to learn more about the countries they visit and get a deeper understanding of the culture and lifestyle. These types of trips can involve staying with a local family, learning to cook local cuisine or participating in a traditional festival.

The rise of social media has encouraged people to share their travel experiences through photos and videos, and this can be a great opportunity for the travel industry. Brands that offer authentic travel experiences that include a chance to interact with the locals can expect to see increased popularity in 2023.


A general thirst for nostalgia is one of the most popular travel motivators, with travellers looking to explore destinations that they grew up in or where they have a special connection to. This can be a great opportunity for travel brands to capture this trend by creating personalised itineraries or offering nostalgic trips, such as an old-school road trip or a stay at a country farm.

Sustainable Travel

With the easing of international travel restrictions, 2023 is expected to be a big year for travelers who are looking to make a positive impact on the environment and protect the planet they love. This is a trend that can be reflected in the increasing popularity of ecotourism and sustainability-based trips, as well as the growth of personalised travel experiences.

Bioluminescence Aesthetic

The bioluminescence aesthetic is a new trend that’s becoming more popular and will be a huge part of many people’s trips in 2023. It’s a fun and exciting way to see a destination in a new light, as the colours of the sky change and the landscape becomes illuminated by glowing orange, pink or purple lights.

This is a great way to get an authentic perspective of a destination, but it’s also a very budget-friendly option as there is no need to rent or buy expensive equipment and lighting.

Grassroots Musical Scenes

This is another trend that has been gaining popularity as a result of the pandemic, with travellers wanting to connect with a more authentic music scene and experience it in person. The emergence of grassroots musical scenes and cultures is an incredible opportunity for the travel industry to tap into.

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