Travel Trends

As travel has regained momentum in 2021, it’s clear that Covid-19 concerns have not completely wiped out consumers’ appetite for exploring new places. With travel a top priority once again, travelers have begun to focus less on their Covid-19 status and more on factors like fun/excitement, sights/attractions and cost/value. Travel trends this year will put experiences at the forefront of trips, as more travelers seek out a deeper connection to their destinations through bespoke, authentic activities and local food.

In addition, more people are choosing to travel solo as a way to have time to themselves away from family and friends. While this trend existed before the pandemic, it continues to gain traction as people are eager to explore their personal interests and pursue adventures they wouldn’t have been able to during the lockdown. As a result, luxury travel companies are catering to this demand by creating personalized trips and itineraries that encourage travelers to venture out on their own and experience unique places.

With the return of travel, many companies are revamping their policies and offering more flexibility for employees to utilize their benefits. This is a great way for corporate travel managers to increase employee morale, reduce stress and make the most out of their vacation days. It also allows for a more holistic approach to work/life balance, which has become a top priority for Gen Z and Millennials alike.

Lastly, more people are prioritizing their health and well-being when it comes to traveling. More and more people are focusing on healthy eating habits, staying active, and getting plenty of rest when they’re away from home. This is a huge trend that could potentially lead to more health conscious travelers, especially if hotels begin to offer more nutritious meal options, on-site fitness classes, and other wellness-focused amenities.

Finally, as the travel industry rebounds in 2022, it will continue to evolve in a number of ways. Technology has already made a significant impact, with voice search, mobile booking and cashless payments becoming more common amongst travelers. Additionally, with a renewed emphasis on the environment and global citizenship, travelers are seeking out companies with strong sustainability/environmental policies. In fact, a recent study found that Millennials are more likely to choose a travel company with a good environmental record than one without it. Consequently, we will see more companies invest in eco-friendly practices and promote their sustainability initiatives to attract this demographic.

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