France is an exotic destination that’s renowned for its historical attractions, culture, gastronomy and romance. From Paris to the French Riviera, the country offers a diverse range of sights and experiences that are sure to capture your heart.

Stunning scenery and historic aura beckon you with the captivating jingles of nature, swaying with the wind in the country’s beautiful valleys and lush forests. From the ancient Chateaux to the romantic cities of Arles, France enthrals you with a timeless beauty that is beyond compare.

History & Culture: Explore the dazzling past of France through the world-class museums in Paris and explore the Gothic masterpieces in Notre Dame. Stylish cities like Lyon, Toulouse and Marseille also offer cosmopolitan delights.

Gastronomy: For food connoisseurs, France is a gastronomical heaven with unforgettable gourmet meals served at cafes and restaurants. Try the local favourites homard l’amoricaine (lobster dish with creamy tomato sauce), Gigot de Presle (a leg of lamb with potatoes and vegetables) or baeckeoffe from Alsace, a roasted white wine and juniper berry beef casserole with vegetables.

The countryside is another highlight of the country with picturesque villages and chateaux surrounded by vineyards, a landscape that produces some of the finest wine in the world. Whether you prefer champagne or Bordeaux, wine tasting is a must in the country’s most famous regions.

Travel Insurance: Having a reliable travel insurance plan can be a lifesaver during your trip abroad, especially if you’re unlucky enough to need emergency medical care while you’re there. Make use of the cashless hospitalization facility provided in your policy to ensure that you’re always covered in case of any mishaps.

Currency: The Euro is the official currency of France and is accepted throughout the country. You can exchange your money at many banks, large stores, airports, train stations and exchange offices near major tourist sites.

Language: The national language is French, with regional accents and English spoken widely as well. It is advisable to learn a few key words before your trip as this will help you open the lines of communication with locals and avoid any hassles.

Weather: The climate of France is influenced by both continental and oceanic influences, with a mild to cool winter and hot summers. The north and central areas experience rain, while the southern coasts receive more sunshine.

The Alps are the perfect place for a ski holiday and are home to some of the world’s most breathtaking resorts. The country also boasts a number of spectacular beaches, with St Tropez attracting celebrities and visitors seeking a tan.

Shopping: You’ll be spoilt for choice in France, with a range of traditional goods that are sure to delight any fashionista or blogger. Lace from Flanders, crystal from Arques, glass, cheese and alcohol are just a few of the popular products to purchase.

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