Search by ZIP Code or First Name, Last Name, and City or State to find a travel agent near you. Travel agents can save you time by performing research and making bookings. They can also help with changes or problems that arise during your trip. Travel agents are immersed in travel full-time and have knowledge and experience that you might not have. Look for an agent who is accredited by the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) or has taken other courses to elevate their expertise.

Travel Agent near me

A good travel agent can be worth their fee in savings and peace of mind. They can advise on destinations and itineraries based on personal experience and onsite visits, and provide access to exclusive deals. They can also suggest alternatives that suit your budget and preferences. For example, when a client’s flight to Rome was canceled, Teri Reilly, a AAA Travel Agent in Northfield, New Jersey, used her local contacts and experience to put together an alternate itinerary.

Despite the growth of online travel, many consumers still use a travel agency. Agencies are not all created equal, though: Look for one that specializes in your destination or type of travel, and that has well-traveled staff with onsite knowledge and connections. This will ensure that your agent can deliver the vacation of your dreams.

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