Travel Agent near me

Travel Agent near me

A seasoned travel agent can save you time and money by doing all the research and booking for your trip. They can also help you find the best airfare deals, book a hotel that fits your needs and budget, and even arrange activities and tours. However, you need to be aware that these professionals work on commission. That means they may be more inclined to sell you products or services from airlines, hotels, and tour companies that pay them a commission, which is why it’s important to ask about their incentive programs when choosing an agent.

Another thing to consider is how they respond to problems and issues that arise during your trip. If they’re unresponsive or give you the runaround, it might be time to look for another agent. Edman recommends finding an ASTA-verified travel advisor who is committed to the highest industry standards.

Pros: A local travel planner knows NYC like the back of their hand and can give you personalized recommendations based on your unique interests. They can also share insider tips, such as how to use the subway and which NYC attractions are worth visiting if you’re on a tight budget.

Cons: They can be expensive, especially if they’re not paid on commission. You’ll also need to pay for their insurance, which can add up quickly. Plus, they’ll likely have to eat any bad meals or lost tickets that aren’t covered by their company.

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