Travel Agent near me

Travel Agent near me

If you’re planning a big trip, work with an expert. These agents specialize in destinations or travel genres, and can help you craft an itinerary that suits your interests while staying within your budget. You can find them at local travel agencies or online.

Some travel agencies offer group discounts and package deals for vacations, while others focus on specific types of traveling. For example, Audley Travel offers custom-made trips based on customer input, while Cruise Planners specializes in group bookings for cruises and tours.

In addition to cost savings, a travel agent can provide expert advice and support for travelers. They can also be a lifesaver if you run into trouble while on the road. Look for certifications as you interview potential agents. The American Society of Travel Advisors, for example, accredits travel agents who meet certain qualifications, including being trained to handle unexpected changes in travel plans.

Depending on their expertise, some travel agencies might have exclusive partnerships with hotels, airlines or tour companies. This means they can get you deals that aren’t available to the public. Some of these agencies might even have their own travel concierge services to ensure a smooth trip.

Aside from commission, many travel agents don’t charge fees for their services. This is because their income comes from the negotiated rates they have with hotel and wholesalers. However, there are some agencies that require a monthly fee from their agents in exchange for access to their booking service.

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