Bora Bora

Known as the island of paradise, Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its emerald lagoon and luxuriant vegetation are the perfect backdrop for your dream vacation. There are a wide variety of activities to choose from, and you can enjoy the scenery with or without your own private guide.

Explore the Island’s Interior: Hike & Ride on a 4×4 Tour

A trip to Bora Bora would be incomplete without experiencing the rugged beauty of the island’s interior. Take a hike or ride on a 4×4 through the island’s rugged terrain, and experience the stunning views of the lagoon from the peaks of Mount Otemanu, an extinct volcano that rises 2,400 feet above the water.

Snorkel & Scuba: The underwater life of Bora Bora is second to none, with resident tropical fish, stingrays, and sharks. You can take part in scuba diving or snorkeling tours to get up close and personal with these incredible creatures.

History: See the Remains of American Military Bases – The United States used Bora Bora as a South Pacific military supply base during World War II. As a result, many oil depots, airstrips, seaplane bases and other structures were built on the island. The remaining American military buildings are scattered throughout the island.

Art & Cultural Relics: Explore the Ancient Marae of Vaiotaha

The oldest marae in Bora Bora, and one of the most important in the Society Islands, stands on Povai Bay. Visitors will find fascinating relics here, such as the Queen’s bath and Ofa’i Honu.

Learn More About the Culture of Bora Bora: There is a rich and diverse cultural heritage on this island, ranging from music to dance. There are a number of cultural events held on the island, including Heiva, a celebration of Polynesian culture that includes dancing and sports.

There are more than a dozen critically acclaimed galleries on the island, featuring works by artists from French Polynesia and beyond. There are even a handful of art shops that sell prints and souvenirs.

Go for a Swim: Visit the beaches of Bora Bora and soak up the sun on Tatira beach, which was named the best in the world by CNNGO.

You can also head to the pristine white sands of the main town, Viatape, to find little eateries and souvenir shops that are sure to have something for you to buy.

The best time to visit Bora Bora is in the dry season, which runs from May to October. During this period, the temperature is slightly cooler and the weather is drier.

Discover the Island’s History: The island’s intoxicating reputation as a destination for romance is rooted in its past, largely due to explorers and writers like Paul Gauguin and Bougainville. In the 18th century, both men made their way to the island and brought back tales of a paradise on earth.

The island is now home to a growing population of international tourists. Most of these travelers are from North America and Europe, although many come from Japan.

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