Whether you want to eat, shop, explore the culture or relax on the beaches there is so much to do in Bali. From a thriving wildlife habitat to thousands of historically fascinating sites, Bali has something for every type of traveller.

Bali is a tropical island with two distinct seasons: wet season and dry season. November to March is wet season and although it doesn’t rain all day, you’re likely to get wet at some point. April to October is the dry season. This is when you’ll see the best of what Bali has to offer.

Most of the Balinese live in villages consisting of family compounds surrounded by walls. The family name is usually Wayan, Made, Nyoman or Ketut (these translate as ‘first born, second born, third born and fourth born). Every family has its own temple in the village centre. The Balinese celebrate many Hindu festivals, most prominently Ganesh Jayanthi in January and Galungan in November.

There are a lot of things to do in Bali, from soaking up the local culture and taking dance classes to shopping at the famous Kumbasari Art Market or simply relaxing on the beach or at one of the many luxury spas. Bali has a stunning variety of beaches, from soft white sand to black volcanic sand courtesy of the islands infamous volcanoes (Mount Batur and Mount Agung). The island also has serene waterfalls and rice terraces along with scenic lakes.

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