Luxury Travel

Luxury travel is no longer just for celebrities, tycoons or the heirs to multimillion-dollar dog food empires. With a rise in disposable incomes and a reprioritization of what truly brings people happiness, the industry is adapting and flourishing. But what does that mean for the modern definition of luxury? For TPG, the answer lies in the concept of experience.

As a result, the best luxury travel experiences are no longer about opulent amenities or overt displays of wealth; instead, they’re designed to make memories — ideally a few that will be shared on Instagram and TikTok. Whether it’s an overnight stay on a luxury train, a safari in a game reserve or a private chef service in your hotel room, these experiences are rooted in the desire to connect with local culture and tradition.

For example, a trip to the Amazon rainforest with Ten Lifestyle Group includes a guide who teaches guests how to make their own medicine out of jungle plants, as well as a visit to an indigenous community where participants can learn traditional dance and music skills. And at Andaz Mayakoba, in Mexico, the hotel design and décor is inspired by local culture, with artisanal crafts dotted around the property. In fact, cultural heritage is a huge motivator for many international travelers, who want to learn about the traditions and cultures of the places they visit. Moreover, a growing number of them are yearning to get close to nature and explore remote destinations.

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