Luxury travel is more than crystal champagne flutes and swan-folded napkins. It digs into your unique passions, dreams and experiences and weaves them together to create a one-of-a-kind trip. For some, this may mean access to exclusive experiences like space travel or seeing rare wild animals in far-flung locales; for others, it’s fine-dining at a lesser-known restaurant or blending their own wine in Argentina.

Affluent travelers want meaningful, personalized experiences that feel authentic and connect them to local culture and environment. They want to know they’re being taken care of and have the freedom to design their own trips without the worry of the little things going wrong.

They’re willing to invest in a more immersive experience that requires a higher investment, but they expect the best of the best. They expect their travel agents to be educated on destinations they specialize in and can offer insider tips and recommendations for hidden gems, private tours and off-the-beaten path adventures that aren’t available anywhere else.

They want to make an impact on the communities they visit and contribute to social good. They look for sustainable operators who do more than reduce their carbon footprints, but also invest in regenerating their communities and helping them thrive, whether that’s through environmental initiatives, cultural preservation or community development projects. For many, this is the true meaning of luxury.

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