Luxury Travel

Affluent travelers want to eat, sleep and travel in comfort and style. Whether it’s an ultra-luxury hotel, a private plane or a safari lodge, luxury is in. However, the definition of “luxury” is changing. Having a well-stocked bar, geometric tiled floors and a large library are no longer enough to earn the moniker of “luxury.” The best luxury experiences take travelers to places they never imagined possible, and give them the chance to try new things and learn something new.

In fact, 65% of luxury travelers say they’re interested in trying something new during their trips. And, according to Skift, they prefer experiential travel over traditional. This means they don’t just want a market tour and cookery class—they’ll also want to have a hands-on experience, such as buying their own produce in a local market.

Lastly, luxury travellers are looking for ways to make their trips easier. They want to avoid the hassle of navigating airports, getting to their hotels and dealing with crowded airplanes and cruise ships. Luxury travel companies can offer services like pre-check in, exclusive tours and VIP entrance to museums and restaurants that most people don’t have access to.

When it comes to luxury travel, a good agent knows their clients inside and out. They’re the ones who will recommend an ice-breaking safari in Africa, a movie-inspired trip to Europe or a treehouse retreat in Thailand that’s sure to garner lots of social media buzz.

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