A tropical paradise where time seems to have stood still, Bali is the perfect getaway for yogis, health-food lovers, and jetsetters seeking holistic living. This Hindu island boasts a unique mix of old and new, blending past and present to create something truly magical.

For a taste of Indonesian culture, head to Ubud and see how locals craft intricate statues, multicolored T-shirts, rattan bags and other beautiful artifacts at the famous Ubud Art Market. It’s the ideal spot to find something special for yourself or as a gift to take back home.

The ancient town of Sanur is a lovely place to escape from the beach resorts of the south, especially if you love history and culture. Here, you’ll find luxury hotels and exceptional dining. The town is also known for the Prasati Belanjong pillar, a stone inscription dating to 914 that makes it one of the oldest historical artifacts in Bali.

Another popular place to visit in Bali is the Jalan Monkey Forest, where you can wind your way through the forest among wild Macaque monkeys. It’s a fun adventure but make sure you keep your belongings zipped up and watch out for the mischievous creatures!

Snorkeling with manta rays is an experience not to be missed. You can do it through your hotel or villa, and a private boat will pick you up from the beach and show you where the rays hang out.

The waters around Bali are full of amazing marine life and the best part is, you’re never far from a snorkeling spot! The ocean is dotted with islands and small beaches, so there are plenty of options for enjoying some sunbathing, swimming or taking a dip in the water.

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