Luxury Travel

The Luxury Travel industry is booming. Affluent travelers demand and expect a premier experience and will not settle for anything less – and they’re willing to pay handsomely for it.

Luxury travel providers are taking note. They’re offering a variety of experiences that go beyond the traditional guided tours and hotel activities. They’re offering opportunities to get hands-on in the kitchen with a professional chef and learn how to make wine during a stay in Argentina, for example, or spend time with an expert naturalist on a walking safari in Botswana. Often, these exclusive experiences allow guests to develop a deeper understanding of the destination and its culture.

These are the kinds of experiences that a travel advisor would happily put together for a client. In fact, Paul Largay says that hiring a travel agency to plan a vacation is no different than hiring an accountant to do your taxes, a financial planner to manage your retirement portfolio, or a licensed contractor to renovate your home.

While safety concerns are keeping some luxury travellers away from certain destinations, those that remain are seeing strong growth. But what makes a cruise line, tour company, lodge, or airline ‘the best’ can vary widely from traveller to traveller. That said, a few commonalities do emerge: staff that come to know your travel preferences and treat you like family; quality food and beverage offerings sourced sustainably; and locations that are either centrally located in the city or in magical, remote destinations.

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