St Barths

St Barths is a place of stunning natural beauty, elegant and refined hotels and restaurants, and a community of people who love to live life to the fullest. But it’s not just about beautiful views or delicious food — it’s also about an inclusive and renegade spirit that makes the island feel like an approximation of Elysium.

Despite its small size, St Barths has more than 22 picturesque beaches, world-class five-star hotels and villas operated to the highest standards of luxury, and a plethora of luxurious experiences that make it one of the Caribbean’s most exclusive vacation destinations. From shopping at designer boutiques and local galleries to sipping cocktails on a private yacht in the harbor and dining on upscale French cuisine, this little piece of paradise is an experience that should be on every traveler’s bucket list.

Its pristine white beaches merging with the turquoise sea give St. Barths some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, and many of its shorelines are lined with a number of top-rated resorts. Aside from staying at an upscale oceanfront hotel, you can also enjoy a day of diving or snorkeling with a guide, visit a marine reserve to learn more about the area’s ecology, take a private charter flight for a sunset cruise, or just stroll through Gustavia to peek into upscale boutiques and luxury restaurants.

The islands’s history is also rich, with it being ruled by different European countries over the years and its small population of mariners and farmers gaining a reputation for raiding merchant vessels and stealing goods to sell in Spain. These pirates were often led by a fearsome buccaneer named Monbars the Exterminator, and tales of his exploits inspired characters like Captain Hook and Red Rackham.

If you’re a nature-lover, you can also explore the island’s hiking trails for breathtaking views that are sure to impress. The easiest trail to follow is the Colombier Beach Trail, which starts at Petite Anse beach and takes you up upon magnificent yet steep cliffs to a hidden oasis at Colombier Beach.

For those who prefer to be a bit more active, there’s the St Barths Mountain Trail which features a series of paths and hills that are ideal for those looking for a challenging workout. You’ll also find a handful of tennis courts, a golf course, and a couple of fitness centers for those looking to keep up with their regular workouts while on vacation.

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