Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel is the category of travel where people seek to indulge in comfort and luxurious accommodations. It is usually a very selective and expensive segment.

The luxury travel market is booming and has a huge potential for growth, but it also faces challenges. The industry is experiencing disruption from a new generation of well educated, highly demanding consumers.

In order to meet the needs of this market, hotels and airlines are being forced to rethink their business model. This rethinking is centered around five core principles that are redefining what luxury travel should be:

Trying something new, rather than resting on vacation; authentic experiences; wellness and climate-conscious options; and removing the pain points of travel.

For example, travellers now want to disconnect from their daily routine and stress. They want to connect with new places, cultures and ideas.

They are looking for bucket-list experiences, such as private opera performances in the Sistine Chapel after hours, or a yacht charter around Greece. They also want to experience new cuisines and shopping destinations, as well as have personal connections with locals.

These travelers are also seeking the perfect place to stay during their trip, whether it is a hotel in the mountains, an underwater villa in the Maldives or a treehouse in Thailand. The perfect location will offer them the luxury of solitude and a taste of opulence and 5-star service.

As a luxury travel consultant, it is crucial to understand your client’s needs and desires so that you can tailor your itinerary to their unique preferences. This will help you build a more personalised experience that will make them feel appreciated and satisfied with their stay.

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