Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel

When people think of luxury travel, they likely imagine a mind-blowing trip complete with deluxe accommodations, meals and adventures. While it may sound easy to write articles about this high-end market, a great deal of work goes into getting those all-important assignments that lead to a luxurious getaway.

While there is no single definition of a luxury traveler, a general consensus exists that this segment is affluent with a high net worth and the means to indulge in the most upscale experiences. Many of these people also have a strong desire to be more present and immersed in the destinations they visit, and are eager for authentic life-altering connections.

These travellers are looking for a variety of experiences that can’t be found in a guidebook, including things like a one-on-one Caravaggio painting class in Rome or an exclusive dinner with a professional chef and sommelier at a private home in Buenos Aires. They are also drawn to unique new hotels and cultural attractions, such as the upcoming Grand Egyptian Museum opening in Cairo or the Vermeer retrospective at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Additionally, sustainability is increasingly a priority among these travellers. They are interested in learning about the origins of their meals and accommodations, and seek out those that are environmentally conscious. Increasingly, they are also seeking out culturally relevant and socially responsible activities. In this way, these travelers are challenging the traditional perceptions of what constitutes luxury and redefining its meaning.

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