Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel

While gilt finishes and white glove service still hold a place in the market, the modern gold standard for luxury travel isn’t just about those tangible elements. Rather, it’s about creating meaningful experiences and delivering authentic connection points.

Whether they’re looking to connect with the cultures and traditions of a destination or simply to relax and unwind, luxury travelers are drawn to destinations that offer them a sense of authenticity. They’re also keen on experiential travel, whether it’s a trip to an artisan bakery for some hands-on baking action or a visit to a local brewer for a tasting session.

In a bid to appeal to these trends, luxury travel providers are now focusing on providing more immersive and authentic experiences. For example, some hotels and tour companies are offering bespoke trips that take travelers to remote locations for the ultimate getaway in nature. Meanwhile, the Rocky Mountaineer rail company in the US has introduced a new product, allowing passengers to enjoy views of the landscape from their oversized windows while enjoying a three-course meal, cocktails and wine served directly to them.

Ultimately, today’s luxury travel market is a more accessible one than ever before. With rising disposable incomes for many and a shift in priorities for others, the luxury sector is poised to grow even more as a new generation – one raised on individualism and Instagram – grows hungry to see the world. In short, if you’re able to meet the needs and desires of this segment with an attractive product, you could see your sales soar.

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