Luxury Travel

Modern luxury travelers are seeking genuine and authentic connection points in the places they visit. They want experiences that make them feel like they know the place and the people they meet, with itineraries that align with their unique interests, needs and values; trips that allow them to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

In addition to providing personalized service, high-level travel providers also focus on curating itineraries that showcase the local culture and tradition of a region. They provide unique experiences for their clients, such as blending their own wine in Argentina or participating in a cooking class with a local chef to learn the secrets of traditional cuisine.

While the definition of luxury is subjective and may differ from one person to another, some common characteristics include exceptional service, opulent accommodations with amenities such as marble-lined bathrooms, king beds and private pools, fine cuisine, unique destinations and activities that are a departure from the mainstream. Moreover, the best luxury travel companies have a dedicated travel planner that takes the time to understand the customer’s preferences and then match them with experiences such as blending wines in Argentina or hiking through the rainforest with an expert naturalist in Botswana.

While the life of a Luxury Travel writer sounds like it’s all fun and games, the truth is that working in this market is hard work. Whether it’s securing the right assignment, working with PR agencies or researching and writing articles, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into making it happen.

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