Luxury Travel

There’s no doubt that tourism is a massive industry and while the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted consumer confidence and spending, the demand for travel remains strong. Luxury travel is a thriving segment with affluent travelers who expect to spend more and demand a premier experience. To appeal to this group, your marketing should be inclusive and reflect their ideas about what defines a luxurious experience.

For some, luxury may mean private jets or personalized pajamas while others think it’s about seeing rare wild animals in remote destinations or eating at the world’s most exclusive restaurants. Regardless of how you define luxury, clients want an authentic and memorable experience that aligns with their interests, values and lifestyles.

Rather than the usual hotel amenities, they seek out authentic experiences that let them connect to the culture and local people in an authentic way. They want to have a unique story they can share when they return home and they are looking for brands that are willing to go the extra mile to provide these experiences.

As the affluent travel market continues to evolve, luxury brands should take note of these shifting consumer trends and adjust their messaging and product offerings accordingly. For example, a recent study conducted by Virtuoso for YouGov found that 80% of travelers would spend more on products and services that are tailored to their specific needs. Offering more choice and customization, whether it’s adding a personal touch like their name to their breakfast or pre-planning activities for their day, can give luxury travel brands the edge they need.

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