Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel is a lifestyle that offers the opportunity to enjoy luxurious experiences and destinations. This can include accommodation in five-star hotels, private jets, and meals at Michelin-starred restaurants. It can also include activities such as visiting remote locations, hiking, or taking part in cultural experiences. This is often a time to relax and create memories that can be treasured for a lifetime.

In a world of hyper-consumerism, there remains one thing that money cannot buy: time. And this is the defining theme behind the latest incarnation of luxury travel. While gilt finishes and white gloves no longer own the patent, the modern ‘gold standard’ for luxury travel is defined by a new set of values: Culture, Cuisine, Community, Content and Customization (CCC).

Many high-income households built up large surpluses during the COVID-19 pandemic and are ready to spend this money on their next vacation. They are looking for frictionless travel that is bespoke and tailored to their personal interests. This is driving a demand for immersive, experiential tours and excursions that provide insider knowledge about a destination, such as market tours and cookery classes.

In addition to providing these one-of-a-kind experiences, luxury travel companies are also ensuring that the local communities benefit from their tourism dollars. This is done by avoiding export leakage and promoting sustainable business practices, such as sourcing locally-grown produce for meals in their hotels and restaurants. The more a luxury travel company is able to promote their business as a good corporate citizen, the more trust they will gain from their clients and potential clients.

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