Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel is a hugely important sector within the Tourism industry. The world population is at its highest levels and there is a strong appetite for tourism amongst a wide range of consumers.

It is also a competitive market with many companies trying to attract and retain high net worth clients in order to increase their share of the business. This makes it crucial to identify the key drivers of the luxury travel demographic and to develop a marketing strategy accordingly.

Affluent travelers are now increasingly looking for experiences rather than material things – they want authentic experiences, wellness and climate-conscious options in their itineraries. These trends have reprioritised travel at the top of the travel hierarchy and have changed the way that affluent travel brands operate.

Having a Can-Do attitude is key to winning the trust of this segment of the market. Whether that means providing no-fee cancellation or flexible itineraries, this approach can go a long way in establishing a good rapport with affluent travellers.

Smart technology is a great tool to provide personalised information and updates to guests at their fingertips. Some hotels even allow their guests to control the room temperature, lighting and music via apps.

Personalisation is another big factor when it comes to the luxury travel market, especially for affluent customers who are often more particular about the details of their travel. Ensure that your hotel’s social media channels are populated with content that is relevant to the traveller, such as tips for local attractions, food recommendations and travel guides.

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